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Welcome to Trinity Ran Episode 3 mix ep6➠Ep3 mix ep6 (AzN RaN Gameplay)➠Combo Gaming➠Regen Based➠Stun Based➠24/7➠Non-Donor vs. Donor Possible
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PostSubject: DONATION ITEMS   Tue Jul 21, 2015 3:09 pm

Welcome to Trinity Ran Episode 3 mix ep6
►Special Requests Donations :
►ChangeName (with special characters) = 200php
►Additional Regen (per 10%) = 100php
►Additional Stats (per 1k) = 150php
►Item Transfer (per 1)= 100php
►+30 upgrade wep/set = 500php
►+50 upgrade wep = 800php (+50rv)
►VIP ACCESS +50 (50%regen) = 500php each
►Special Promo for those who donate +50 Wep and +30 Set u can choose any wat you want.. kahit wala po sa vendor
►NOTE : Minimum Donation is 500php . ═══════════════════════════════════►FOR EMPTY BOTTLES EVENT :
*30k bottles = Admin Neck (40%regen)
*20k bottles = +20 Wep/Set (for upgrade)
*10k bottles =+10 Wep/Set
*10k bottles =+ 10 Baseball cap (10%regen)
(credits to sir Denvee)
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